Melarcode Training Services Pvt. Ltd.

Melarcode Training Services is the official licensee of The London Bridge Centre, a corporate training company specialising in enabling English communication across industries, institutions and individuals. Through the London Bridge Centre, we aim to become communication facilitators offering a bouquet of services:

Total training engagement across locations, global time-zones, organisational hierarchy (Senior / Middle management, Board of Directors / CEO, programmers / Team Leads), type of training (spoken English, business English, English grammar and vocabulary, professional etiquette and soft skills, voice and neutral accent, communication skills, presentation skills, body language and confidence training, personality development and grooming, interpersonal and social skills, conversational English, business writing and email, life skills, emotional intelligence, cultural sensitivity training, leadership training and induction training) and participant level (group/branch level/pan organisation/individual).

Our teaching and training are based on two of the most recognised English teaching qualifications. The methodologies we draw upon are Cambridge CELTA – Certification in English Language Teaching to Adults, and TEFL – Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Our customised English language teaching and training module are designed for students, individuals, professionals, corporates, home makers, and others who are looking to acquire fluency in English.

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Strong Roots
That Go Back in Time

The origin of Melarcode Training Services, the official licensee of The London Bridge Centre can be traced back to Melarcode - a sleepy hamlet in Kerala. Melarcode or Mayillatoor as the village was formerly called, took its name from 'Mayil' or peacocks found in abundance in the area. Lush paddy fields, temples, ponds and canals dot the landscape of this charming village. In fact, Melarcode is known for its natural beauty that has been left relatively untouched by commercial development. Culturally too Melarcode has a rich history and is known for its annual temple festival.

Several pioneers rose from the bountiful soil of Melarcode to make a foray and shine in academics, music, culture, agriculture and other fields.

M. K. Venkitasubramanian Iyer
Photograph credit: Moorthy Family Archives

One of the sons of the land was Melarcode Sri Krishna Venkitasubramanian Iyer, a brilliant scholar who went on to complete his MSc in Agriculture from Madras University. Spurred by a Gold medal, young Venkitasubramian Iyer began an illustrious career as an Agricultural Officer at Coimbatore in the early 1920s.

Besides his love for agriculture, which would later on see him settling down in Wynad where he owned coffee estates and cardamom plantations, Iyer had a deep love for the English language. His letters to his son and other family members reveal Iyer's command over the language as did his fine spoken English language skills.

It is this passion that Venkitasubramanian Iyer proudly passed on to his grandchildren – the founders of The London Bridge Centre. His grandchildren fondly recall many an instance where Iyer would painstakingly teach them English grammar – which wasn't the easiest thing to do. Any error was sharply reprimanded till the children learnt to cross the t's and dot the i's correctly.

Today, as The London Bridge Centre embarks on its mission to spread the English language to new speakers and users, the Founders offer their gratitude to their Grandfather without whom this journey would not have begun.